Places of interest

  • Ribeira das Cortes / Penhas da Saúde with natural pools and water mills.
  • “Varanda dos Pastores” mountain peak.
  • Hicking routes and itineraries in the surrounding area.
  • Top of the mountain Penhas da Saúde / Torre, Serra da Estrela, (8km), TT car or 25km through Covilhã.
  • H2Otel / Spa in Unhais da Serra (10km)
  • Trout nurseries in Paúl (15km)
  • Wool Museum in Covilhã (15km)
  • Cheese Museum in Peraboa (25km)
  • Jewish Museum, Discoveries and Olive Oil, in Belmonte (birthplace of Álvares Cabral and Jews comunity) (35km).
  • Minas da Panasqueira (biggest wolfram mines in Europe) (35km)
  • Historical Villages: Castelo Novo (35km), Sortelha (50km) Monsanto (70km)

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